Our Top Ten Technology Predictions for 2014

Tech trends are constantly evolving. And 2014 is no different. It appears that certain trends may be nearing extinction (maybe) while others are just gaining traction. Will Miley Cyrus get a tongue piercing that swells and prevents her from flashing it every five minutes on social media channels? (One can only hope). Will people no longer be roped in by the ‘accidentally scandalous’ celebrity selfies or  videos ‘leaked’ on Twitter? What about drones in our daily lives, making routine deliveries? Are people really ready for Chinese take-out via drone?

Here are some our 2014 predictions, in no particular order.

Technology of the Future

  1. We’ll continue to move away from a text-based world to an image-driven one. Text is still big for daily communication but showing your story, rather than telling it, is becoming a lot more popular and a lot more compelling. For example, tweets using pic.twitter.com links are 94% more likely to be retweeted than posts with no images.
  2. Video kills the radio star. Wait, no. Video becomes the killer app. Better software and editing tools make creating and sharing simple. Vine® and Instagram® are just the tip of the iceberg.
  3. A Pizza Hut drone inadvertently drops a pizza on some guy’s head setting off an endless meme. Ok maybe not. But are we ready for drones? Are drones ready for us? Only time will tell. A drone pizza delivery guy is bound to have a mishap. Or two, or three.  Hold the anchovies.
  4. You're getting rid of me? But look how cute I am.

    You’re getting rid of me? But look how cute I am.

    Selfies stick around but pictures of pets and food go away.  Looks like Fluffy and Fido are soon to be on the outs. Another thing that has to go? That latest pic of your organic-gluten-free, vegan-tofu-paleo-hybrid burger that you ingested one afternoon at that adorbs little spot in the Marina. Ugh. Please. Get over it. No one cares.

  5. The “unselfie” gets a little traction, but not as much as it should. Charity is as charity does just as the #GivingTuesday initiative showed us: a simple idea, started by the 92nd Street Y in New York and their partner, the United Nations Foundation, to celebrate and encourage giving. While certainly interesting and valuable, charity is just not as cute as a carefully made up selfie, is it? All kidding aside, people may be ready for more charitable acts but they are not entirely ready to give up their selfie ways.
  6. I'm getting tired of apps that make me feel bad about myself.

    I’m getting tired of apps that make me feel bad about myself.

    A few more celebs will try and rekindle their careers with a “leaked” topless selfie (it doesn’t work). Sorry Kim. Rihanna. (Whoever). You’re going to have to find new ways to shake things up.

  7. Apps that help us keep track of the fact that we blew off exercising will die off. No comment here. It’s not that the apps are bad. It’s that people are people. Positive reinforcements always work wonders but reminders of our failures are something we can easily get from family.
  8. The use of filters on your pictures of clouds will no longer make you look cool and artistic, but sort of lame actually. I think we all know what this means. Our eyes have adjusted to your filter-filled world and we’re no longer impressed – or fooled.
  9. Facebook will have a comeback among younger generations after all the baby boomers realize they are, in fact, leading very dull, uncool lives and decide to abandon the site altogether. Arguably, there are cool kids from all generations but the baby boomers may finally decide that they really don’t want to hang out in what is their offspring’s equivalent of the mini mart circa 1979 waiting to see if cute boy Randy shows up or cheerleader Susie stops by for a soda.
  10. New social networks will pop up and fade so fast not even the parents in the NSA can keep track of their kids online. Kids will be happy about this. Not so sure about their parents. Or the NSA.

So here’s to a great new year. So what do you think? What will 2014 look like?

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