Brains behind the beauty: Creating makeup looks for Perfect365

“Treat your makeup like jewelry for the face. Play with colors, shapes, structure; it can transform you.”

-Francois Nars, creator of Nars cosmetics.

Creating new makeup templates for Perfect365 is truly a team effort.

Creating new makeup templates for Perfect365 is truly a team effort. It involves research, engineering, revisions, collaboration, intelligent imaging technology and lots of time falling down the Pinterest rabbit hole while looking for inspiration.

If you love using the free Perfect365 app to play with new makeup styles – from natural and fresh, to bold and breathtaking, to glamorous and classy – you’re probably well acquainted with the bottom line of this digital makeup miracle worker: It’s easy. It’s accurate. It’s like a magic makeup wand in the palm of your hand – for photos. Abracadabra! You’re welcome.

But have you ever wondered about the inspiration behind the looks, and where it comes from?

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Self-driving ‘clown car’ heralds age of the autonomous auto

Yes, it's smiling at you.

Yes, it’s smiling at you.

What has four wheels, no steering wheel, no accelerator pedal and no brake pedal?

If your first guess was “Radio Flyer,” think more high-tech. Think more “Googley.” Think more…cartoonish.

“It looks like something out of a Pokemon game, with its inoffensive size and surprised little face,” declared blogger Vijay Pattni of the British motoring enthusiast show, “Top Gear.”

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Intelligent imaging: Putting the ‘smarts’ in your smart home

Heard of the connected home? That’s the big category for connected appliances, ranging from smoke detectors to refrigerators, and even coffee makers to dishwashers, that our homes will soon be outfitted with.

shutterstock_143276602 [Converted]

With household automation on the rise, marked by a steady uptick from 1.5 million installations in 2012 to a predicted eight million or more by 2017, according to ABI research, it seems we’re looking at more smart devices than we can shake a stick at.

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Facial Recognition and the Digital Economy

toddpetersTodd Peters, ArcSoft’s President, North America, addresses the topic of Facial Recognition and how it will impact the digital future. For highlights from his recent presentations at GigaOm Mobilize in San Francisco, FutureM in Boston, stay in touch with us on Twitter at @ArcSoft

Facing the Dramatically Digital Future

Imaging technology is embedded in our smart phones, in self-driving cars, and, unfortunately, at some traffic lights. We’re even wearing it. And by 2020, as the digitization of business continues to increase, nearly everything we use will be embedded with cameras and sensors. During this time, in every industry, from transportation to medicine, The Internet of Things and its technology ecosystem will have created an $8.9 trillion market. Of that ecosystem, the combined IT and telecom market will hit almost $4 trillion, or 5 percent of the global GDP according to this year’s Gartner Symposium in Orlando, FL.

In essence, ‘we are looking at a new economy,’ says Peter Sondegaard, senior VP at Gartner and global head of Research at Gartner, clarifying, ‘This is the beginning of a new era: the Digital Industrial Economy [that will] result in revenue associated with the Internet of Things exceeding $309 billion per year.’

The Internet of Things is going to be needy in terms of processing all that information, too. And it will depend specifically heavily on our ability to capture and process images. Given that over 100 hours of YouTube videos and 500 million photos are uploaded and shared every single day, we’re looking at a massive amount of unstructured data. So how can we turn those pixels into actionable, visual data?

A tunnel composed with great images

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Keeping it Real….Kind of.

Julia Roberts, LorealImages of beauty are everywhere. Plastered larger than life on billboards. In your face at the grocery checkout. In every glittering movie and television show. Even though we know all those celebs are airbrushed like crazy, we suspend our disbelief, even if just for a moment. Admit it, we’re all fascinated. If we weren’t, these images wouldn’t transfix us so intensely. And even though we know they’re all fake, we’re still wondering, ‘hey, what do they have that I don’t?’ (Lest we forget their army of personal trainers, personal chefs and a career dependent upon their physical flawlessness).  So when I was asked to check out the details of ArcSoft’s hugely popular app, Perfect365®, and write about it for an upcoming blog, I was really excited. I knew it could be an opportunity to focus on some really interesting perspectives on beauty in our culture while also having some fun with this technology. Continue reading
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