Moving Towards Beauty – A New Zealand Photographer’s Perspective

Brendon Gilchrist captures the stunning landscape and nature of his native country in an extraordinarily powerful way. His images are a gift to all who see them, and are, as he says, his way of “sharing a beautiful or amazing place that many people may not get to see.” While Brendon has always had an eye for beauty, it was a tragic loss that caused him to begin to focus differently on the world around him, on the landscape, and in the mountains. His beloved wife passed away in 2012 leaving him pained but also imbued with a new and single-minded sense of purpose. 

“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” -Oscar Wilde

In the span of two short years, Brendon has gone from a man with a regular job to an impressive landscape photographer. While he still has his day job, his skill and passion for photography continues to grow and the inspiration that comes from the mountains is now an ever-present sense of urgency. “The mountains are basically my second home now,” he says, “I keep a book of ideas to help with planning photos. When I have the right scene and the right light, I capture my ideas.”

Speargrass Sunset

Spear Grass Sunset – I took a three hour walk to reach this location and shot after a snowstorm had quickly passed.

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New Year – New You! With Perfect365.

Perfect365 hairWhat a year 2013 has been, especially for those of us involved in imaging technology; and it’s even more exciting to see what’s ahead as we’re celebrating our 20 years in the industry. Where photography used to be about the photographer and his/her subject, a new form of control and self-expression rose in 2013 with the Selfie. With the latest smartphone developments, advanced technologies such as our facial detection engine (now included in more than 1 billion mobile phones) have made photography evolve from a medium where users were ‘subject’ to someone else’s view of them, to the Selfie, which, while criticized, can also be viewed as a form of empowerment, where the ‘subject’ has full control on how they’re perceived. We at ArcSoft like to think that we were helpful in putting the word ‘Selfie’ on the map (and in the Webster dictionary!) with Perfect365, our award-winning makeover app designed to take and share that perfect picture of yourself! Continue reading

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The Backpack Doctors – Healing and Photography in Nepal

Nepal is a place of astounding beauty like nowhere else on earth. The summer days are breathtakingly endless blue, punctuated by torrential downpours and proudly arching rainbows. Evenings boast the clearest, starriest skies. While it’s incredibly magical to me, this is just life as usual for the Nepalese people. But amid all this splendor, things are not so easy for them. They do not have access to the medical treatment they desperately need. So, three times a year, we come here to help them. And every time I come back, I feel lucky to be here, grateful to be among these amazing people.

A snapshot of Nepalese women and children

Life in Nepal – simple, grateful.
Photographed by Max Wei.

I’m a professional photographer and I enjoy seeing the world through my lens. But, as a physician, sometimes what I see — tremendous physical suffering and emotional trauma — can trigger a conflicted feeling in my heart. I’ve often been asked, why I don’t just exaggerate the pity aspect of what I see through my photography in order to get people to sympathize and donate to our cause. But I don’t think charity should be promoted that way. Charity should come naturally, from the heart. And, out of respect for the people, I don’t choose to show their suffering, because that is only a part of their lives. As a matter of fact, most of the time, I see people’s great smiles, and I see them being thankful and content. Continue reading

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Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the most adventurous of all?

Share amazing experiences on multiple screens, instantly.

AMD, ScreenMirror, APU, AMD APU, A-series, ArcSoft, ArcSoft Screen+, mirror, file mirroringPicture it: You’ve just returned from an incredible month-long trip to Thailand with some of your closest friends and you’ve invited everyone over for a celebratory dinner, including the friends who couldn’t join you. You’ve collected everyone’s photos and videos onto your laptop and then organized every breathtaking segment of the journey – from Ayutthaya to Koh Samui, from Bangkok to Chiangmai. You figure you’ll upload everything online or make a photo book in the next few days. Continue reading

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Spotlight On Photography #1: ‘The Hummingbird Whisperer’

Meet Paul Garcia, a Castroville, TX semi-pro photographer, and an ArcSoft app user, who has a way with hummingbirds.

Paul Garcia a hummingbird about to feed right out of his hand

Paul Garcia with a hummingbird about to feed right out of his hand

Hummingbirds are, arguably, some of the world’s most fascinating birds. They have an incredibly rapid wing speed (a high of 100 beats per second), tiny size (most species measure between 3-5 inches with the smallest at 5 cm) and impressive aerodynamic design (they produce 75% of their weight during their wing downstroke). More than that, though, the hummingbird’s quite literally ‘fleeting’ beauty has captured our imaginations for thousands of years across the globe. Continue reading

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Wait, Is Everyone a Photographer?

While stunning DSLR photography is wonderful and certainly has its place, smartphone photography is becoming more and more common – and more and more influential.

‘Tree Backlit by Sunlight’ by Sheldon Wood taken with a camera phone.

‘Tree Backlit by Sunlight’ by Sheldon Wood taken with a camera phone.*

Wait, is Everyone A Photographer?

It’s an interesting debate. Whether the Chicago Sun-Times made a big mistake in firing their entire photo journalistic staff or not, one thing is true: the superb quality – and value – of typical cameras embedded in smartphones today is incredible. Most of us are toting this dazzling technology in our pockets, backpacks, cars and handbags every single day.

So what are we doing with that technology? Do we even realize how much power is in our possession? Continue reading

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How to be a Great Wedding Guest Photographer

Sphynge Photography, wedding, wedding photo, wedding night

A rare moment alone at this couple's beautiful wedding

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Every wedding has a main story but there are many sub-plots.

While a wedding seems like one big event with the primary focus on the couple, there are always many other storylines developing right alongside it: Long overdue family reunions are causing tearful and joyous hugs. Out-of-the-blue budding romances are heating up. Dear old friends are scrambling to catch up on precious lost years. Sweet little kids are running around and being naughty.

As a wedding photographer for the past six years, I’ve shot many weddings. It’s hard to describe the beautiful kaleidoscope of emotions that one is privy to during these moments but all I can say is that my experiences have taught me a lot. In this blog, it is my hope that I can help couples and their attending guests pay extra attention to documenting all the great stories that are happening all around them. Continue reading

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Up Close and Wide Angled with Panorama Maker®

ArcSoft’s Dave Lam shares his personal experience in Maui

After edited, the vista captured perfectly.

I’ve been with ArcSoft for nearly fourteen years. As a senior project manager working closely with our OEM partners, I have plenty of intimate first-hand knowledge about all the technologies that ArcSoft offers but I also have tons of personal experience using our direct-to-consumer products.

I had planned a family trip to Maui almost a year in advance so when the date finally arrived, I was really excited to get there. Although I’m not a professional photographer, you could say I’m pretty seasoned at this point, particularly since I work with imaging technologies every day. I also really love the opportunity to document the beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime experiences I share with my family using my digital SLR. Continue reading

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