Self-driving ‘clown car’ heralds age of the autonomous auto

Yes, it's smiling at you.

Yes, it’s smiling at you.

What has four wheels, no steering wheel, no accelerator pedal and no brake pedal?

If your first guess was “Radio Flyer,” think more high-tech. Think more “Googley.” Think more…cartoonish.

“It looks like something out of a Pokemon game, with its inoffensive size and surprised little face,” declared blogger Vijay Pattni of the British motoring enthusiast show, “Top Gear.”

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Are You Ready for CES?

It’s almost that time of year again. The one time of year where ‘what happens in Vegas’ does not stay in Vegas. At all. The best and the brightest will be showing off all kinds of great stuff for the first time – and we’re all going to be talking about it.

CES image

Technology’s global heavyweights will be launching thousands of incredible and amazing new products at this year’s CES show at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 7-10th. We’re hearing really cool things about Ultra-HD 4K technology, 64-bit chips, 3D printing and the latest phones, tablets and TV prototypes.

We’ll be introducing some great intelligent imaging demos for cross-device/cross-platform and in the cloud. We also have an exciting announcement to make.

Here’s what you need to know about ArcSoft at the world’s biggest consumer tech show:

What it’s all about: Intelligent Imaging™, the art and science of perfecting the “smart pixels”  that make up our images and video, on devices and in the cloud.

Where We’ll Be:  At LVCC, South Hall 2, MP25544.

What You’ll See:

    • Newly launched — simplicam™ powered by Closeli™, the smartest home video monitoring solution
    • Intelligent imaging technology for taking the best photography and videography on mobile devices
    • Smart photo editing plus 4K video viewing and editing
    • Cross-device/Cross-platform connectivity SDK/Engine
    • Perfect365®, the world’s favorite one-touch makeup app

Our booth is by invitation only. To set up a meeting, please contact us here.

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Our Top Ten Technology Predictions for 2014

Tech trends are constantly evolving. And 2014 is no different. It appears that certain trends may be nearing extinction (maybe) while others are just gaining traction. Will Miley Cyrus get a tongue piercing that swells and prevents her from flashing it every five minutes on social media channels? (One can only hope). Will people no longer be roped in by the ‘accidentally scandalous’ celebrity selfies or  videos ‘leaked’ on Twitter? What about drones in our daily lives, making routine deliveries? Are people really ready for Chinese take-out via drone?

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