Everybody’s doing it. But is everyone doing it right?

Some are. Some aren’t.

consumer apps, mobile apps, softwareWhen we were kids, we tried this simple reasoning at some point with our parents. ‘Jimmy’s doing it’, we said, as if this was a convincing argument as to why we should also participate in whatever it was that ‘everybody’ was doing.

And if our parents were smart, they said, ‘Well, good for Jimmy.’

As in: what does what Jimmy does have to do with what you do? The important thing to ask yourself – always – is what’s YOUR unique reason or reasons for wanting to do something? Your reason should be smart, it should be relevant and it should be timely.

With this metaphor for life in mind, what about a B2B company who wants to jump on the consumer app bandwagon? What’s the outlook?

Hear from Todd Peters, ArcSoft’s President, North America on why we are choosing to delve into the consumer space at this point in our tenure to offer smart, fun, intuitive mobile apps – and some great insights for how you can make it work for you, too.

It can be quite a successful leap. How do we know? Because we’re doing it. And we’re doing it because it makes a lot of sense to do it. For many good reasons.

For one thing, when you can leverage powerful ‘ingredient’ technology that consumers aren’t even aware they’re using every single day, you’ve got a pretty decent leg to stand on. And we decided it’s high time that people get to know the brains behind some of their favorite software and apps and for them to benefit from and enjoy all that we have to offer.

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