Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the most adventurous of all?

Share amazing experiences on multiple screens, instantly.

AMD, ScreenMirror, APU, AMD APU, A-series, ArcSoft, ArcSoft Screen+, mirror, file mirroringPicture it: You’ve just returned from an incredible month-long trip to Thailand with some of your closest friends and you’ve invited everyone over for a celebratory dinner, including the friends who couldn’t join you. You’ve collected everyone’s photos and videos onto your laptop and then organized every breathtaking segment of the journey – from Ayutthaya to Koh Samui, from Bangkok to Chiangmai. You figure you’ll upload everything online or make a photo book in the next few days.

But then one of your friends says, “So when do we get to see the pics of you in Mae Hong Son with the people from the Karen long neck tribe?” Another friend chimes in, “Yeah! And the pics from the floating market too! Can we see those?”

That’s when you realize: why wait? You can show them everything right from your laptop and straight onto your 50 inch TV in the living room. Right now.

Your friends excitedly grab their wines and get comfy on the couch, awaiting a slideshow so stunning; it’s almost like being there. All you have to do is use your AMD powered laptop that comes with AMD® Screen Mirror, powered by ArcSoft Screen+™ Technology. It couldn’t be easier. Of course, you can also mirror these photos to your other PCs, tablets and smartphones*, and view them anywhere in your home network.

Why you’ll love it.

AMD® Screen Mirror finds supported devices automatically. You don’t even have to install any client software*. You can easily share home videos, photos and music directly from an AMD-powered PC to other smart devices using your home network, including smart TVs, mobile phones, tablets and game consoles. Once you’re connected, you’re immediately ready to mirror. And another advantage of mirroring technology is that everything** that appears on your PC mirrors seamlessly to another device without any concern about converting files.

You might wonder with all these files being mirrored directly to your TV or mobile devices, how much power it requires or if mirroring large files will slow down the network. You definitely don’t want to sacrifice quality over convenience or performance. Well, you don’t have to. Running on select AMD’s Elite Mobility and Performance A-series APUs, Screen Mirror’s power consumption is minimized, as is image lag time across devices. Sophisticated algorithms are at work for you. In other words, you can put aside any technical anxiety and just focus on enjoying your media as it’s mirrored from your PC to other smart devices.

It’s the fairest of them all.

After your friends have enjoyed your mesmerizing slideshow, they’ll not only be booking tickets to their own adventures, they’ll also want to conveniently share their experiences when they get home – just like you did. It’s super easy for anyone to get AMD Screen Mirror: it’s free to download for selected AMD powered laptops, tablets and hybrids. Visit the AMD website to learn more.

*Compatible devices need to have DLNA DMR installed, and support H.264 and AAC.
**DRM protected content such as Blu-ray movies are not supported.

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