New Year – New You! With Perfect365.

Perfect365 hairWhat a year 2013 has been, especially for those of us involved in imaging technology; and it’s even more exciting to see what’s ahead as we’re celebrating our 20 years in the industry. Where photography used to be about the photographer and his/her subject, a new form of control and self-expression rose in 2013 with the Selfie. With the latest smartphone developments, advanced technologies such as our facial detection engine (now included in more than 1 billion mobile phones) have made photography evolve from a medium where users were ‘subject’ to someone else’s view of them, to the Selfie, which, while criticized, can also be viewed as a form of empowerment, where the ‘subject’ has full control on how they’re perceived. We at ArcSoft like to think that we were helpful in putting the word ‘Selfie’ on the map (and in the Webster dictionary!) with Perfect365, our award-winning makeover app designed to take and share that perfect picture of yourself!

Perfect365 helped over 20 million users apply looks that range from natural edits to totally radical alter egos in just one touch with our behind-the-scenes advanced facial feature detection engine. Constantly rated one of the top 10 downloaded free photo apps on Google Play and iTunes, Perfect365 gave users the full control over the way others perceive them, no matter the light conditions they took the portrait under. We’re excited to see how Perfect365 was received, and the wide applications of our technology, from social network profile updates to creating professional-quality photo headshots used in business networking sites such as LinkedIn.

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It’s incredible to see the app’s popularity amidst a constantly growing number of photo and video apps on the market today. By November 2013, the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores combined list 35,000 photo and video apps, a 71% increase over nineteen months ago (source: So how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace? At the core, Perfect365’s advanced facial mapping and facial feature detection engine was the key to its 20 million downloads in less than one year. We are also excited and grateful for the prolific feedback from our users, resulting in the development of more features such as hair enhancements. With over 100 hairstyle options and hair colors to choose from, our users have new ways to tweak their images, and we can’t wait to see the creative applications of this feature.

Looking ahead to 2014, we are enhancing Perfect365 yet again to take advantage of the ever-increasing popularity of portraits and self-portraits. Perfect365’s latest polling feature marks the beginning of a new level of social interaction and feedback, allowing users to send multiple makeover pictures to friends and have them rate each one. Another innovative and fun way to share your best self with your friends and family without the need for a permanent and potentially fatal fashion faux pas!

Look for some great news and giveaways in the coming months to help you jump into the world of imaging and technology – and check us out in the recent issue on Women’s Day.

So, goodbye 2013! Here’s to innovation, imaging, perfect hair and makeup and a new YOU in 2014!

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  • Wendy Cheng

    Happy New Year~