Gadget watch: The mad Google Glass dash

Wearables have crept from your pocket to your wrist to your face. Are you ready to get your Geordi La Forge on? At any rate, Google Explorers are – and all the hubbub gets us marinating on this formula: Smart glasses + intelligent imaging = good things to come. Bonus feature: This post includes a list of “likes” and “don’t likes” from one of our ArcSoft employees who got to take Google Glass out for a spin. Check it out and let us know if you have anything to add. 

Looks-wise, Google Glass kind of reminisces of Geordi La Forge’s VISOR, version 2.0.

Looks-wise, Google Glass makes us reminisces on Geordi La Forge’s VISOR. The original face tech bling. Meow.

An unknown number of “explorers” (aka, a beta user group whose feedback will help shape how Google Glass evolves) were given the privilege to pay $1,500 a pop for their own pair during a mad dash April 15, when the Explorer Edition of Google’s wearable computer hardware went on sale to the public for one day only.  Continue reading

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simplicam powered by Closeli named ‘Best of Show’

Smile, you’re on simplicam!

simplicam powered by Closeli is the only home monitoring solution with facial technology that sends intelligent alerts to tell you if someone's home.

simplicam powered by Closeli is the only home monitoring solution with facial detection technology that sends intelligent alerts notifying you if someone’s home.

ArcSoft’s simplicam™ powered by Closeli™ – the first and only home monitoring solution that can actually tell you if someone’s home – made a splash at the 2014 MacWorld/iWorld by garnering thousands of visitors to its booth and wrapping up the week with a “Best of Show” award.

Macworld Best Of Show 2014

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Exploring the evolution of the selfie saga

'Star Wars' recently launched an official Instagram account, and kicked things off with Darth Vader selfie.

“Star Wars” recently launched an official Instagram account, and Darth Vader is excited about it.

We’re living in the age of the “selfie” – a habit so ubiquitous in today’s social media-centric culture, it was named “word of the year” in 2013 by the most venerated gatekeeper of the English language, the Oxford Dictionaries. Even prior to that, the term’s status as a lexicon it-kid was heralded in 2012 after Time Magazine declared it one of the “top 10 buzzwords” of that year.

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How to get the most from your mobile photos, part II

By guest photographer Dainon Moody

For the past several months, I’ve made the near-accidental decision to shoot more with my Android phone, and less with my digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera. While I enjoy capturing the world around me with both devices, my mobile phone is simply the easier option most of the time. And the more I learn about its features, the less quality I have to sacrifice.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

‘Stretch’ by Dainon Moody.

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Moving Towards Beauty – A New Zealand Photographer’s Perspective

Brendon Gilchrist captures the stunning landscape and nature of his native country in an extraordinarily powerful way. His images are a gift to all who see them, and are, as he says, his way of “sharing a beautiful or amazing place that many people may not get to see.” While Brendon has always had an eye for beauty, it was a tragic loss that caused him to begin to focus differently on the world around him, on the landscape, and in the mountains. His beloved wife passed away in 2012 leaving him pained but also imbued with a new and single-minded sense of purpose. 

“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” -Oscar Wilde

In the span of two short years, Brendon has gone from a man with a regular job to an impressive landscape photographer. While he still has his day job, his skill and passion for photography continues to grow and the inspiration that comes from the mountains is now an ever-present sense of urgency. “The mountains are basically my second home now,” he says, “I keep a book of ideas to help with planning photos. When I have the right scene and the right light, I capture my ideas.”

Speargrass Sunset

Spear Grass Sunset – I took a three hour walk to reach this location and shot after a snowstorm had quickly passed.

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New Year – New You! With Perfect365.

Perfect365 hairWhat a year 2013 has been, especially for those of us involved in imaging technology; and it’s even more exciting to see what’s ahead as we’re celebrating our 20 years in the industry. Where photography used to be about the photographer and his/her subject, a new form of control and self-expression rose in 2013 with the Selfie. With the latest smartphone developments, advanced technologies such as our facial detection engine (now included in more than 1 billion mobile phones) have made photography evolve from a medium where users were ‘subject’ to someone else’s view of them, to the Selfie, which, while criticized, can also be viewed as a form of empowerment, where the ‘subject’ has full control on how they’re perceived. We at ArcSoft like to think that we were helpful in putting the word ‘Selfie’ on the map (and in the Webster dictionary!) with Perfect365, our award-winning makeover app designed to take and share that perfect picture of yourself! Continue reading

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Are You Ready for CES?

It’s almost that time of year again. The one time of year where ‘what happens in Vegas’ does not stay in Vegas. At all. The best and the brightest will be showing off all kinds of great stuff for the first time – and we’re all going to be talking about it.

CES image

Technology’s global heavyweights will be launching thousands of incredible and amazing new products at this year’s CES show at the Las Vegas Convention Center from January 7-10th. We’re hearing really cool things about Ultra-HD 4K technology, 64-bit chips, 3D printing and the latest phones, tablets and TV prototypes.

We’ll be introducing some great intelligent imaging demos for cross-device/cross-platform and in the cloud. We also have an exciting announcement to make.

Here’s what you need to know about ArcSoft at the world’s biggest consumer tech show:

What it’s all about: Intelligent Imaging™, the art and science of perfecting the “smart pixels”  that make up our images and video, on devices and in the cloud.

Where We’ll Be:  At LVCC, South Hall 2, MP25544.

What You’ll See:

    • Newly launched — simplicam™ powered by Closeli™, the smartest home video monitoring solution
    • Intelligent imaging technology for taking the best photography and videography on mobile devices
    • Smart photo editing plus 4K video viewing and editing
    • Cross-device/Cross-platform connectivity SDK/Engine
    • Perfect365®, the world’s favorite one-touch makeup app

Our booth is by invitation only. To set up a meeting, please contact us here.

To keep up with the latest updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Our Top Ten Technology Predictions for 2014

Tech trends are constantly evolving. And 2014 is no different. It appears that certain trends may be nearing extinction (maybe) while others are just gaining traction. Will Miley Cyrus get a tongue piercing that swells and prevents her from flashing it every five minutes on social media channels? (One can only hope). Will people no longer be roped in by the ‘accidentally scandalous’ celebrity selfies or  videos ‘leaked’ on Twitter? What about drones in our daily lives, making routine deliveries? Are people really ready for Chinese take-out via drone?

Here are some our 2014 predictions, in no particular order. Continue reading

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Making the World Even Prettier: Perfect365® Hits 15 Million Downloads

P365Beauty is as beauty does. And Perfect365® does it again. And again. And again. Perfect365® just hit the 15 million download milestone and is helping users with one million photo touch-ups and makeovers each day.

One of the few photo apps to hit the 15 million download milestone in the photography category, Perfect365® is, continuously, a top 10 photo app in the iTunes, Google Play and Windows stores. Continue reading

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Facial Recognition and the Digital Economy

toddpetersTodd Peters, ArcSoft’s President, North America, addresses the topic of Facial Recognition and how it will impact the digital future. For highlights from his recent presentations at GigaOm Mobilize in San Francisco, FutureM in Boston, stay in touch with us on Twitter at @ArcSoft

Facing the Dramatically Digital Future

Imaging technology is embedded in our smart phones, in self-driving cars, and, unfortunately, at some traffic lights. We’re even wearing it. And by 2020, as the digitization of business continues to increase, nearly everything we use will be embedded with cameras and sensors. During this time, in every industry, from transportation to medicine, The Internet of Things and its technology ecosystem will have created an $8.9 trillion market. Of that ecosystem, the combined IT and telecom market will hit almost $4 trillion, or 5 percent of the global GDP according to this year’s Gartner Symposium in Orlando, FL.

In essence, ‘we are looking at a new economy,’ says Peter Sondegaard, senior VP at Gartner and global head of Research at Gartner, clarifying, ‘This is the beginning of a new era: the Digital Industrial Economy [that will] result in revenue associated with the Internet of Things exceeding $309 billion per year.’

The Internet of Things is going to be needy in terms of processing all that information, too. And it will depend specifically heavily on our ability to capture and process images. Given that over 100 hours of YouTube videos and 500 million photos are uploaded and shared every single day, we’re looking at a massive amount of unstructured data. So how can we turn those pixels into actionable, visual data?

A tunnel composed with great images

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