People’s portraits are looking better one app at a time!

Before and after of a portrait using Perfect365

Photo courtesy of Perfect365 team

Perfect365®, our one-tap makeover app for tablets, smartphones, and PC, has reached its 5 million download milestone. Ok, we already knew you liked the idea of a virtual makeover and portrait enhancement app – but now we know just how much.

In this era of constant “selfie” snapping, Instagramming, and in-the-moment photo sharing, Perfect365 offers a little help where needed. When it comes to portrait enhancement, our fans say:

‘This is a fantastic app. I can’t believe how professional it is, especially for a free app! As someone who enjoys makeup design, it’s perfect to do makeovers without the hassle and mess of trial and error. I can figure out what colors work and don’t work. It saves me a lot of time and makeup. Love it!’
B. C. – April 25, 2013

‘I love this app, especially because you can use it to see how the makeup will turn out on you and use it as a guidelines when applying. The editing options are awesome, the pictures comes out so well, I’ve been using it for my Facebook. Love this app!”

M.R. – May 1, 2013

‘…maybe you’re just not liking the way you look in a certain picture… this app can help enhance your already beautiful physical appearance. It may sound superficial but who doesn’t have an off day every now and then. And it’s just fun to play around with, definitely worth getting!’

A.R.M. 3 – Jul 11, 2013

We couldn’t do it without you.

We at ArcSoft would like to thank you for making Perfect365 a success. And just so you know, Perfect365 is available on all platforms: Android, iOS, Windows 8, Windows and Mac. However you have your photo taken, you can count on Perfect365® to make you as pretty as you really are – or let you have tons of fun giving yourself a complete makeover.

We’ll continue to improve this app so feel free to let us know your favorite features, make suggestions and share your before-and-afters. Again, thank you for all your support and happy makeover!

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