Up Close and Wide Angled with Panorama Maker®

ArcSoft’s Dave Lam shares his personal experience in Maui

After edited, the vista captured perfectly.

I’ve been with ArcSoft for nearly fourteen years. As a senior project manager working closely with our OEM partners, I have plenty of intimate first-hand knowledge about all the technologies that ArcSoft offers but I also have tons of personal experience using our direct-to-consumer products.

I had planned a family trip to Maui almost a year in advance so when the date finally arrived, I was really excited to get there. Although I’m not a professional photographer, you could say I’m pretty seasoned at this point, particularly since I work with imaging technologies every day. I also really love the opportunity to document the beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime experiences I share with my family using my digital SLR.

In Maui, the natural beauty of the place and the myriad of colors and changes in light were just incredible. It was an all-around photographer’s dream, a place that easily lends itself to good pictures. The photos of my family turned out really great. But what made a big difference was how PanoramaMaker® took some gorgeous video shots I took and turned them into professional-looking, high-resolution panoramic photos, that, if I do say so myself, are pretty comparable to the stunning examples I’ve seen taken by the pros. The best part is how effortlessly I was able to do this: I simply panned a vista from left to right, and PanoramaMaker did the rest, automatically stitching the images together in one seamless shot.

Watch the original video where I panned this vista from left to right and then used PanoramaMaker to to create the panorama shot.

I also used PhotoStudio®, another great and easy-to-use tool that removed unwanted subjects from within my shots in order to showcase the unfettered beauty of these vistas.

Panorama before edited with PhotoStudio

Before edited, with people and objects obstructing the view

adobe creative suite master collection

After edited, the vista captured perfectly.

After edited, the vista captured perfectly.

Like most of us, I often casually use similar technology with my iPhone. While my iPhone achieves a decent result for every day, ‘on the fly’ panorama shots, nothing compares to PanoramaMaker’s quality. With PanoramaMaker you can achieve not only seamless, near-perfect stitching, but it also removes fuzzy “ghost images” caused by moving objects during the shoot, for a clearer photo.

I use PanoramaMaker for many of my other photography projects, too. I am a huge sports fan and I find that it works especially well at large sporting events such as baseball games, where no single shot can capture the grandeur of the scene. When you have thirty to fifty thousand or so people surrounding a stadium that is a 90 feet between the bases, it’s a daunting shot. But by using PanoramaMaker, I can capture and represent everything. It is the closest thing to my natural field of vision that I can use.

Oakland A's Home Field

Panoramic view of Oakland A’s home field

As far as vacation destinations and for people who have never been to Maui, I have a few must-see recommendations. Don’t miss the breathtaking stream-cut Iao Valley State Park with its iconic twelve hundred foot green mantled Iao Needle rock. It’s a place like no other; you’ll just have to experience it. And whether you are driving the Road to Hana, watching the windsurfers at Hookipa Beach, sunbathing or climbing the volcanoes, you will leave with memories for a lifetime. Just bring your camera!

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